Thursday, November 6, 2008

6AM Mouses @_@

There is only one reason I am up right now: My oh-so-adorable, yet vicious, Arabian Spiny mice, Elliott and Gerard. I can't figure out why they're so chattery lately. Maybe it's the cold...I suppose I should probably put the heat lamp on. This is rather conflicting. I really don't want to be sleeping with a red light on at night....*thinks* I suppose I could always knit them little sweaters, but I am NOT doing that. xD They'd bite me more and I can't stand to see dogs in them, so why would I want to see my MICE in them?

My day is going to be completely thrown off by this...ugh...and I have to meet Ruby, my tutor, at the library today at 2. Hopefully I can get enough sleep and have Mrs. Barry's Geography final and work done. Sometimes being homebound sucks, but it's better than being stuck inside a school full of immature assholes that are just going to literally push me around and try to bash my skull in. >_> Besides, I get a lot more time, even if I have to do a lot more pointless work (assuming I have a teacher like Mrs. Barry...). I really wish I had *one day* to get in her class, though. I'd irritate the shit out of her. Just because I think I'm becoming dumber in her class. Her Africa packet is incredibly out-of-date. It says that *Zaire* is still a country...x_x WTF? I've written so many sarcastic things on her packets...and I've even gotten responses! It's actually rather hilarious. I'm serious about what I say and she is, too. But she isn't sarcastic about it. She's even said that she knows her work is out-of-date, but she won't do anything about it. What, am I supposed to take this up with the school board? If I were in her class for that one day I'd just argue with her for the entire hour and a half. Mind you, the arguing would be valid and have a point. It wouldn't just be, "Oh, shut up, you're an idiot."'d be like that, but in a more intelligent and very valid way with many points as to WHY she's acting idiotic.

I think I'll go play Sims 2 for awhile until my brother gets up and then go sleep for awhile....Then I have more Geography work to do. Then I'm FREE! HA!


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Glas Aileron Maggot Alveris said...

:D! Nice blog tsual
^^ do not take care about teachers...just listen what they teach to you

:D only 2 more years all it's over!!!

^^ be strong!!!