Thursday, November 20, 2008

(Formerly?) Abusive Brother Needs an Intervention...Fast!

Yeah, it's been ages since I've posted...and I was planning on posting everyday, but my mom is an idiot and about a week ago or less the computer was shutting itself off the very second it got turned on. Meaning we had a virus, because it was running fine before. Excluding the ├╝ber slowness of the browser every now and again. Thing is, we run a Mac, so we had to have been targeted. I got the computer up and running and ran a virus scan from (good website, go there if you need it) and found that we had *39* viruses. Holy FUCK. Someone targeted us. You don't just pick that shit up. Thing is, I had downloaded 3 of those viruses on accident, but they were .exe files that I couldn't open, so they really couldn't do anything. They were also the same file, but I only downloaded it once, so it had to have duplicated itself. About the other viruses: They were all on my mom's files. She had to have been targeted specifically. Once I got rid of the 3 viruses I had downloaded accidentally (two worm_nucrp.gen and one adw_renos) we had *21* w97m_generic viruses, which is an unknown type of virus. It seems that it duplicates itself and attaches itself to random files because it was on our grocery list, of all places....We also had 15 of the virus wm_cap.a, which I couldn't find much information about. When I tried to tell my mom about all of this, she insisted there was absolutely nothing wrong with the computer and I told her there were macros on numerous files and asked her if she even knew what a macro *was*. She dodged the question every time I asked. Eventually, she locked every computer account so only she could access them, and she hardly uses this computer. *rolls eyes* Idiot...I try to fix the computer and she decides to bitch and lock it? Very smart idea.

On to the actual subject.

My brother seriously needs to get out of here. Or I need to. I'd prefer that I do. Garrett's constantly making threats to kill other people and me and my mom doesn't do anything because he's been doing it for years. I can't call the police because they don't listen to me because they have to come over here all the time due to "family drama." I suppose the best thing I can do is tell my cop friends...good thing I know them....



Anonymous said...

Okay, did you say he threatens to kill other people and YOU? Scary. I thought my sister yelling that she wants a gun so she can kill the people at her school was scary. But that really is too far - is he dead serious? I'd say he needs some help, and if I knew anything...If only, I would totally help...I hate being so useless sometimes. *rolls eyes*

Lyssa said...

Hey! I miss you. :[